How to Tie a Top Knot Headband

How to Tie a Topknot Headband:

Baby headbands add style to photos, birth announcements, weddings, Baptisms, birthdays, special events and yes, of course! A baby topknot headband is superb for everyday wear! Made from cotton jersey or merino wool, Snuggle Hunny Kids’ topknots are soft and stretchy making them the perfect accessory for newborns and small babies.

We’re going to show you how to re-tie your topknot bow. Lay your bow length flat on a table. Take the left side and fold it diagonally over. Do the same with the right side. Next, take the right side and tuck it underneath the left side to form a knot. Then take the right side and tuck it under the left side again and pull tight. Finesse your bow until you’re happy with the look.