Looking for a way to help settle your baby? A simple solution that can help to provide nurture and comfort for your baby while they sleep? Wraps and...

Looking for a way to help settle your baby? A simple solution that can help to provide nurture and comfort for your baby while they sleep? Wraps and blankets can be used to swaddle babies and give them that safe, enveloping feeling they crave.

Most baby muslin wraps are great for infants of all ages, and the Snuggle Hunny muslin wraps make stylish accompaniments for baby milestone photoshoots. The Snuggle Hunny wrap selection comes in an array of beautiful designs and colours to match any baby's outfit and accessories.

Multi-purpose Organic Muslin Wraps

A baby wrap is an excellent buy for new parents, especially as there’s so much longevity in its use. Wraps protect bub's sensitive skin from rashes, rough textures and possible allergens. The muslin can be a great cover or soft sitting mat during the baby's later years.

The Snuggle Hunny Kids collection of organic muslin wraps is soft, breathable and lightweight to ensure a most comfortable sleep. These muslin wraps are machine washable and would make the best gift for expecting mums as they can be used from the baby's birth until the toddler stage.

These are some of the uses of multi-functional baby muslin wraps:

  • Comforter - muslin wraps can add layers under the blanket so the baby will be warmer.
  • Burping support - put the muslin under the baby to support drools while burping on your shoulder.
  • Lightweight blanket - use a wrap as a weightless substitute for blankets during warm weather.
  • Baby milestone backdrop - use the wrap's colourful design and aesthetic value to add flair to the photograph.
  • Pram blanket or cover - your pram will benefit from a muslin cover for added protection while you're out in the sun.
  • Change or playpen mat - use the muslin to lay on your playpen or bed.
  • Nursing cover - use a baby wrap to cover up or support the baby when breastfeeding.
  • Teething soother - cover ice in muslin and apply it to the baby's throbbing gums to relieve pain.

Mums and dads want their bubs to experience restful sleep to aid their development, and swaddling is the most popular use of muslin wraps for baby. The swaddle mimics the feeling of being inside the womb, and it's a great way to promote soothing by using the baby's body to provide comfort. Doctors recommend swaddling until 2 to 3 months or when the baby knows how to roll around.

The best muslin wraps last for years, and they eventually become mementos of your tiny tot's firsts. Some mums and dads create bigger blankets from the muslins they've collected over the years for the ultimate comforter with added sentimental value.

High-quality Baby Muslin Wraps

An organic baby wrap is the best option because it's made from breathable cotton and perfect for your baby's skin which can be susceptible to irritation. Snuggle Hunny has a selection of organic muslin wraps for your baby's comfort and warmth, even in extreme weather. Each purchase is handled with care and includes free shipping for orders over $100