How To Tie a Petite Velvet Bow

How to Tie a Petite Velvet Bow:

Baby velvet headbands add style to photos, birth announcements, weddings, baptisms, birthdays, special events - and they are superb for everyday wear! Snuggle Hunny Kids baby headbands are made from premium velvet ribbon, tied in the perfect bow, with stretch nylon elastic. We’re going to show you how to re-tie your Petite Velvet bow if it has come undone. 

You will need the elastic headband, your velvet length and a ruler.

Lay your velvet length on a table and turn the ribbon, so that the longer ends of the ribbon are facing away from you. That should give you a length of just under 24cms. You will use the right side of your ribbon first, so slide it down the ruler to about 6cms (which is about ¼ of the total length). Next, make a fold at about the 6cm mark. Pick it up and place your left thumb in the middle of the short bit (the bit with the velvet showing). Grab the long bit of your ribbon (with the underside showing) and wrap a loop around your thumb, keeping your thumb in place. Grab your elastic headband and tuck it under your loop. Now take the long part of the ribbon and fold it into another loop, ensuring the velvet is facing at the front, as well as velvet at the back. Now, we’re going to go through the loop we’ve got on our thumb. Next, get your right loop and turn it anti-clockwise and tuck it through the loop. This will ensure that the velvet is still showing frontside on both sides of the bow. Then tighten and finesse your bow.